dreams for L.A. River renewal

The "Los Angeles River of Dreams" is physically built from Angelinos' dreams for revitalization of the L.A. River. I interviewed community members and river supporters at a NELA-RC place-making workshop in 2013, and turned their quoted words into the shape of the river. The installation stands slightly above ground, allowing people to walk around and read people’s hopes for the river’s future.

2015 Exhibition by the LA River Revitalization Corp.

2015 pop-up installation at the River

order of the pieces


2013 public exhibition

The "River of Dreams" was selected by the Elysian Valley Arts Collective for an outdoor installation at its 8th annual Artwalk.


Thanks to Sean Donahue and his "People & Publics" class; Erika Barbosa for safe-keeping while I was researching abroad; Matt Kizu for construction tips and miter saw tutorial; Fuxiao Bai for deployment assistance; and George Villanueva for feedback and access to workshops.