Interaction Design
Tablet Interface
Data Visualization

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Objective: Design an interactive report covering an issue through touch-screen and tablet interactions.
Result: A report, "Coming Home: PTSD & Veterans," including an infographic on military suicides.

2012 had the highest number of military suicides in recent years — amounting to about one suicide per day. This interactive infographic, built in Fall 2012, serves to visualize the magnitude of the losses. Along with the infographic, the report contains resources and personal experiences about the effects and risks of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on veterans' lives.


IxD Demo Video

A reader “scrubs” through the timeline, and witnesses the number of soldiers' lives lost. The data visualization builds a symbolic shape of a soldier’s helmet, paying homage to the modern-day memorial battlefield cross made with a soldier’s helmet, rifle, boots and dog tags.

Distinct Interactions

Swipe to reveal more in a graphic, rotate for more content, tap & zoom to magnify within a photo frame, and scroll inside a text frame.


high fidelity site map

Whether the user holds the tablet horizontally or vertically, the interactive report responds with alternate designs or content.

user flow Wireframes

Camouflage-inspired color palette


Thank you to the resources [ shareable bibliography ] for the report, which was built in Justin Gier's graduate Interaction Design course: